The Canadian Cultural Center has been a bridge between the Turkish and the Canadian education systems for a time now, and aims to strengthen the ties between these two systems even more. In order to conduct this aim we are organizing an exhibition, under the name of ‘Canada Education Days’, open to all Canadian institutes that would like to participate and present themselves to an on-hand student market. This fair, unlike any other, will be conducted throughout the year, once in every two week.

During this process we will enable the education institutes to come to our exhibition, represent and promote themselves to the candidates that are eager to participate to an abroad education program in Canada, and introduce Canada and it’s education system to an already interested student market from first hand.

The exhibition will be supported and hosted by the Canadian Cultural Center and the institutions will only need to book their session(s), which a single session will last a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), to send their representatives through contacting the consultants conducted by us. The seminar rooms will be named after cities in London and each institution will be given a booth in these rooms. The setting, venue, advertisement via social media, newspapers, brochures, radios and the participant students for the fair will be received by the Canadian Cultural Center’s sources, giving the chance to the incoming institutes to focus directly on their presentations and promotions of their facilities, and their interaction with the willing students to study in Canada.