“Students in Turkey see an overseas education as a way to achieve greater individual success, and education as a whole as the way for the entire country to move forward,” states Elizabeth Shepherd, Research Director for Education Intelligence
Of the 4,800 Turkish students Education Intelligence surveyed, an overwhelming majority (96%) of students said that an overseas education would help them secure employment, 95% said they wanted to study abroad.

Turkey can be considered as a developing country with a population depending on mostly young people. With the growth of it’s economy, Turkey demands from this young population a working force open to international developments and cultures, and Canada captures the attention of this young population who seeks an oppurtunity to broaden their views and learn the most widely used language in the World, with it’s quality education and living standards and also with it’s recent improvements.
In the last 12 months the number of Turkish students looking forward to study in Canada has increased sharply as evidenced by the growing demand from Turkish students for study permit applications for high-school, ESL, and higher education. Also the previous fairs have indicated that the interest of the Turkish student market to study abroad in Canada has raised 25% since the beginning, and it keeps on raising. Also we are sure many more will be excited to hear about new opportunities with Canadian institutions, considering this growth of interest.

Canada is now being grazed from other countries which also provides abroad educational programmes (such as the US and European countries) for Turkish students that are eager to participate in an abroad study program. With it’s high quality education, lifestyle, reasonable living expenses, amazing nature, increasing reputation, it’s currency which is closer to Turkey’s currency, and welcoming nature to new cultures, Canada is the perfect candidate for an opportinity for an education abroad.On the other hand this situation makes the Turkish student market a fertile market for Canada, which aims to maintain a multiculutural, welcoming and effective educational system and environment. Also with it’s promising qualifications, Canada becomes a strong rival against the US and other European countries in the field of overseas education in Turkey.