As a representetive of the Canadian education system in Turkey, Canadian Cultural Center enables students from Turkey to explore this system and participate in it, redounding them in the international student pool that Canada creates via it’s intercultural education policies. Throughout the recent year, the number of Turkish students that participated to an abroad education program in Canada exceeded 2500 students.
The Canadian Cultural Center represent a variety of different Canadian language schools, highschools, colleges and universities here in Turkey, sending more than 10% of the students that go to Canada for abroad education, helping them achieve their goals.

With this exhibition, our centre aims to strengthen the bridge it builds between the two cultures and the two education systems, enabling a face to face experience and non filtered interaction between two participants of this process: the educator and the student.
During the exhibition, the institutions will be able to specialize their branding and recruitment opportunities.

The whole process will be carried out in a professional booth style and exhibition experience, with a high quality visitors profile, and with targeted promotions. Students will come directly and receive information from the institutions with an easier preliminary plan and the whole process will have the opportunity to be advertised with the best international education supplement via Canadian Culture Center and our center’s other various sources like radios, social media, brochures and newspapers. In addition to all this, the whole process will be supported before, during and after the exhibition to bring the participant institutions the maximum exposure.

The Canada Cultural Center carries out this exhibition during the whole year, once in every two weeks, making it a unique experience, since it is the first educational exhibition that is being carried out the whole year, for only the Canadian educational institutions. It’s main target, is the Canadian education market.